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Reflect Christian Mindfulness

Reflect Christian Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an excellent way to learn relaxation and to reduce stress levels. This app contains reflections and meditations based on the Christian principles of biblical meditation and contemplative prayer. Each reflection is a guided audio describing a particular practice to follow. There are pieces of relaxing music that you add as background to the meditations.

The sections of the app are:

  • bible reflections
  • meditations on a passage from the bible, imaginative contemplation
  • place yourself in a scene from the bible, meditation basics
  • an introduction to mindfulness practices, reflective prayer
  • guided prayer exercises, lectio divina
  • meditations using reading a bible passage, stress and anxiety
  • bible reflections focussed on trusting in God, Christmas reflections
  • bible meditations on the Christmas story, and laments
  • bible reflections on difficult subjects.

Each contemplation is focused on allowing you to meditate and reflect on Jesus. In silence and stillness we are able to come close to God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Take time out from your day to spend with the Lord.

The meditations can be streamed or downloaded for later use. Please use the "I've had a problem" link in the help pages to report issues. To follow updates on the app and give feedback search for "Reflect - Christian Mindfulness" on Facebook or @reflect.christian on Instagram.

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