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Millions of answers backed by biblical knowledge.

An AI (artificially intelligent program) that can accurately answer factual questions about the Bible and provide pastoral advice based on biblical principles.

This program is built using state of the art machine learning and AI research. The technology and concepts it uses are truly cutting edge - so please be kind if it doesn't get every question right! It's launching in beta form and will become increasingly more capable as time goes on.

The goal of Bible Ai is to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of the Bible's teachings and to help them apply biblical wisdom to their daily lives.

Bible AI is being developed with these 5 goals in mind:

  • Accuracy: It will treat the Bible with the respect it deserves, always aiming to avoid interpreting the text in a way that is contrary to its original meaning or intent. This is founded on the belief that the Bible contains divine truth and wisdom, the AI will become increasingly better at sharing this.
  • Relevance: It will give practical, relevant advice based on biblical principles that can be applied to modern-day situations. The Bible's teachings are not limited to historical contexts, but are applicable to contemporary life.
  • Empathy: It will provide advice that is sensitive to the emotional needs and experiences of others. It will aim to promote healing and growth, embodying the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. The system will approach users with understanding, seeking to support and encourage them as they seek to live out their faith.
  • Inclusiveness: The system will seek to promote unity and understanding among diverse individuals and communities, avoiding language or messages that are harmful or divisive. It will be accessible to all regardless of their theological or technical understanding. It will take into consideration the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of users and aim to provide meaningful support and guidance to people from a variety of backgrounds. The Bible's teachings are intended to be a source of hope and comfort for all people, everyone should have access to its wisdom and guidance.
  • Innovation: The system will embrace new technologies and approaches. It will always be in pursuit of improvement seeking to enhance its ability to provide meaningful and impactful insights and advice.

By upholding these principles, the aim is to create a Bible AI that will serve as a valuable resource for people seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible and its teachings. Nothing can ever replace being in God's presence and seeking wise counsel from those around us. Bible Ai aims to compliment these practices, providing support and guidance to individuals as they seek to deepen their relationship with God and apply biblical wisdom to their daily lives.

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