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Apologist Agent AI

Apologist Agent AI

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Conversational AI for Seekers of Truth.

Concise Answers to Complex Questions

You don't need to wade through thousands of search engine results. Let AI do the work for you by synthesizing and summarizing answers to life's big questions from a Christian perspective.

Free Inquiry, Judgement Free

Perhaps you have questions that you're too embarrassed to ask another human being. Or, maybe you're afraid your questions asked in good faith will lead to confrontation. Crisis: averted.

Fair & Balanced Analysis

Sometimes reasonable people disagree, and that's ok. Our AI has been trained on materials from the pantheon of orthodox Christian thinkers. You will be presented with multiple angles to explore wherever there isn't widespread consensus.

Intelligent Evangelism Resources

If you're a believer interested in having answers to objections to your faith based on sound doctrine, look no further. Use the power of AI to get suggestions on approaches that don't require hours of in-depth research.

Our generative AI technology answers common objections to Christianity by using an LLM (Large Language Model) trained on works authored by both classical and contemporary Christian apologists. It's kind of like chatting with Thomas Aquinas.

The Apologist Project is made possible by volunteers and the generous donations of our financial supporters. Get in touch if you feel led to contribute your time or resources to reach seekers of truth worldwide.

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