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Bible Answers AI

Bible Answers AI

Bible Answers AI is your go-to app for biblically sound answers to your questions about the Bible! 🙌

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, it provides accurate and insightful responses along with relevant scripture references.

Whether you're a Christian seeking deeper understanding or a curious non-Christian exploring the Bible's teachings, our app delivers personalized answers powered by the latest artificial intelligence.


  • ✅ Unlimited Questions
  • ✅ Unlimited Follow-up Questions
  • ✅ Search History
  • ✅ Shareable Answers
  • ✅ Biblically sound
  • ✅ Latest AI technology
  • ✅ Did we mention it's FREE?!


We've found people who follow desiring god, the gospel coalition, ligonier ministries, etc. also like us, but this ai bible answer app is for anyone, Christians from any denomination and non-christians alike!


This tool is specifically limited in the length of answers it responds with. We do not want this to be a sermon generator or a way to get around studying the bible for yourself, but we do hope it provides helpful answers, context, and cross references that aides your bible study. We in no way, shape, or form, claim that these answers are from God nor do we ever make the claim you can chat with God or Jesus by using this app. We however do believe AI can be used in helpful bible-based ways to increase our knowledge of God and the scriptures utilizing Chat GPT and other AI technologies.

By installing or using Bible Answers AI, you are subject to their Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy. Own this app? Request a change for this page.

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