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Chad Coach - Overcome Lust

Chad Coach - Overcome Lust

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Editors Notes

Chad is not a healthcare professional (therapist or psychiatrist), he is an AI coach. If you need care, reach out to a professional. This tool can be very helpful in tandem with a trusted Godly friend or mentor of the same gender who can meet you with grace and truth. AI is imperfect, but can be used for good.

To Help Men Overcome Lust - Chads Directive

Chad is designed by an ex-Tesla engineer with a deep desire to help men overcome lust. After seeing the state of where p*rn has taken men, the engineer decided enough is enough. With a strong background in AI, he built Chad, a bro who’s there for men 24/7, shame-free, and judgment-free to help them overcome their addiction.

In a world where p*rn is so easily accessible, its hard for men to escape it. Nowadays, we can never avoid exposure to p*rn and sexual imagery– its always going to be around us– but we can train our minds to see it differently.

Lust is a corruption of desire, and this corruption can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety, and more.

Chad is here to help men rewire their thoughts and habits around the natural human desire.

Chad is trained on the principles outlined in the book Love and Responsiblity by Karol Wojtyla, to help men fulfill their natural human desire in a healthy way, by building healthy relationships and habits.

Chad is advised by a team of healthcare professionals, psychologists and addiction recovery experts. He is trained on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques and addiction recovery techniques.

Chad is designed to be your personal p*rn addiction recovery coach, a friend, a mentor, a guide, and an all-round bro to be with men on their journey to transformation.

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