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WATCH THE BIBLE! Now you can engage with the one story of the Bible like never before with the FREE iBIBLE App from RevelationMedia.

From creation to the fall, to the kings and the prophets, to the coming of Christ and His final Revelation, iBIBLE brings the events of Scripture to life for a visual and connected world.

Through animated episodes, iBIBLE presents the events of the Bible in the order they unfolded, weaving together one Divine Narrative. Nothing added, nothing changed. iBIBLE is simply the Bible brought to life in stunning animation.

All 42 episodes of iBIBLE Genesis are now available: 20 episodes in full color, and 22 prerelease episodes. Prerelease episodes have the final script, full dramatic audio, and black-and-white animation for immediate release. Plus, a library of resources are included for the next generation, parents, and teachers to explore the Bible.

• Visually stunning episodes, with vibrant animation, on-screen text, and dramatic audio

• Interactive quizzes for every episode

• Memory verses

• Prayers

• Timelines

• Family discussion questions that make talking about the Bible fun and easy

• Lessons that empower parents, teachers, and group leaders as they teach the Bible

Download the iBIBLE App for FREE today and experience iBIBLE—a visual Bible for a visual and connected world.

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