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Soulspace Prayer & Meditation

Soulspace Prayer & Meditation

Prayer & Meditation by Soulspace is a Christian app that helps you "breathe in Jesus, breathe out fear" and creates a space to hallow your communion with God, embracing moments of reflection. Around an audio Bible verse of the day, our daily guided meditative audio experience brings calm to believers.

Each day, you will receive a daily meditation about 5 minutes long. These daily meditations in the app are free and clean of ads.

The Soulspace Prayer & Meditation app also includes the following with a subscription:

  • Our entire library of Christian meditations
  • Audio Bible series including our free "Bible in 100 days"
  • Bedtime Bible stories and lullabies which are great for kids and to focus on the family
  • Sleep Bible prayers and Christian music to help you sleep

Our daily meditation also includes a series for the Lord's Prayer:

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread ..."

Whether you're searching for your calling, need pauses to breathe, adding prayer and meditation to your morning devotional time, need an audio Bible, or bedtime Bible stores to help your kids go to sleep, our Soulspace app can help.

For a limited time, our "Peace in Political Uncertainty" course is free for everyone during this challenging election year. Our desire from this course is for you to abide and focus on Jesus and hallow His name, rather than the politics of this world.

Get the Prince of Peace. Get Soulspace.

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  • Cameron Pak

    Man… when I was down, overwhelmed like 90% of the time, and fearful Soulspace helped me find peace and power in the Lord.

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