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March 26 • Written by Cameron Pak

So, you're looking for an online Christians in Tech community?

Or, you're looking for a place for Christian indie hackers to thrive with others like them? You're in the right place. Here is a list of some active, online communities for Christians who code, Christians who design, and Christians in the tech space.

(The ordering of the list does not matter. They are added in order of submission. I recommend all these communities.)


"FaithTech is a global tech community for Christ. We exist to help people in the tech ecosystem find community and steward their skills to glorify God."


"Discover your place in God's mission… Helping You Reach Your World"


"A Christ-centered developer video podcast that focuses on the stories of developers, tech topics, and the Gospel."

The Kingdom Founder

"Being an entrepreneur is lonely. The Kingdom Founder is a tribe of entrepreneurs, CEOs, connectors, creatives, and leaders."

TheoTech Facebook Group

"TheoTech started as a group about the theology of technology and seeks to activate a movement of technology entrepreneurship for the gospel. This means we begin with God as our customer and work backwards to invent and create the things he wants to see in the world. We seek to unleash people to use the gifts God has given them to advance the gospel." Christians in Tech on X / Twitter

We gather together on X / Twitter to fellowship, showcase what we're working on, seek advice, collaborate, and have fun. This is a community facilitated by

Prayer For Designers

"Custom (Now) Bible verse designs for social media and Prayer channels. Slack channel with 200 Christian Designers and Facebook Group with 25 Christian Designers."

"un-dark is CV’s Web3 platform, designed to take the gospel to the new frontier. Let’s co-create it together, and explore evangelism of tomorrow."

Looking for more communities?

Our friends at TheoTech have a comprehensive list of Christian tech communities, online or in person.

And, let me know if you know of other great Christian tech communities!

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