Win One Year of Dwell's Audio Bible [Giveaway Ended]

Written by Cameron Pak

win 1 year of Dwell app

Update: We have a winner!

We would like to thank everyone for signing up. Our winner is Jay. Congrats Jay on your year of Dwell Bible 🎁

Imagine a companion that brings the Word of God into your daily life, through joys, trials, and everything in between. The Dwell Audio Bible App is this companion, offering a way to integrate scripture into our daily routines and throughout the day. is excited to partner with Dwell, giving away a one-year subscription to this powerful app. This isn't just about winning a prize; it's about empowering you to anchor your day in the Word, finding strength, comfort, and guidance in the scriptures.

The Power of Listening: My Story

I remember feeling overwhelmed by the Bible. All of my life I struggled with reading. ADHD could be the culprit, but all I knew was that I was supposed to read the Bible as a Christian and just had such a hard time implementing that ...until I discovered the power of listening to it. Listening to the Bible made it way easier to hear, listen, and even remember God's inspired word. I learned how to read the Bible by listening to it, and that's perfectly fine. There are many different ways to learn, and listening helps me when reading the Bible. Dwell is the perfect companion for audio Bible reading.

An Invitation to an Adventure

This is your moment, whether you love winning or crave a deeper connection with the Bible. Imagine the scriptures as a living voice guiding you every day, transforming your routine into a journey of faith and growth.

This giveaway is an opportunity to start a spiritual adventure, making God's Word a daily part of your life and witnessing its transformative power.

Join the Journey

Let's take this opportunity to bring scripture into our lives in a vibrant way. With the Dwell Audio Bible App, let's start this journey together, deepening our faith and letting God's Word guide us through life's complexities.

This is more than a giveaway; it's a call to deepen our faith and find comfort in the scriptures. Join me, and let's experience the transformative power of God's Word together.

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