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Lectio for Families

Lectio for Families

LECTIO FOR FAMILIES is a daily, devotional resource to help you read the Bible and explore faith through conversation and prayer as a whole family together.

THE CONTENT lasts just 5-10 minutes and includes a memory verse, a short Bible passage to read and reflect on, a question to discuss as a family together and simple prompts for prayer. It has been written for families with children between 7-11 years old, but is likely to be suitable for a slightly wider range.

P, PAUSING to be still,
R, REJOICING with a memory verse and REFLECTING on the Bible, 
A, ASKING God to help us and others, and...
Y, saying YES to God's plans for our lives.

TEXT & AUDIO. Listen to the audio together, pressing pause on your device to discuss the day's question. Or download/read the content as a family yourselves, maybe passing the device from one person to another, taking turns to read each section

USE IT ANYWHERE. Round the meal table, when you’re out-and-about, in the car or out walking together, or even at the end of the day. Find what works for your family.

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW. Lectio for Families is inspired by Lectio Divina, an old and beautiful way of reading the Bible and listening to God. But it’s also packed with engaging questions and fun, creative ideas for praying together too.

SPECIAL SEASONS. Over the course of the year, the Lectio for Families content follows weekly themes. Some of these themes are seasonal (e.g. Advent, Lent), or they are around a subject (e.g. Prayer in the Psalms, Mark's Gospel).

WRITTEN BY leaders from the 24-7 Prayer movement, including Phil Togwell, Gemma Hunt, Dan Swires-Hennessy, Juli Cox and other guests. All Bible passages and memory verses are read by some amazing children!

24-7 Prayer can help you encounter God in prayer for yourself, and become an answer to prayer for others. 24-7 Prayer started in 1999, when a simple prayer meeting, led by young people, suddenly went viral. Since then, prayer rooms have been set up in more than half the nations on Earth, creating a non-stop, global prayer meeting that has continued for every minute of this century so far. Today, 24-7 Prayer is an international movement of prayer, mission and justice, involving churches of every kind, and giving birth to all sorts of projects and ministries, including Prayer Spaces in Schools.

Download Lectio for Families and please let us know what you think.

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