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Prayer Global

Prayer Global


Inspired by the Moravians who prayed non-stop for 100 years, Prayer.Global promotes and coordinates extraordinary prayer for the world.


Prayer.Global breaks up all the populated places of the world into 4,770 states and counties.

The Prayer.Global app coordinates kingdom focused prayer for each populated place in the world.

After a location is prayed over, Prayer.Global marks off that location and next serves up a location that has not been covered in prayer.

When every location in the world has been prayed for, we will mark this as one prayer lap. We celebrate! Then we start a new lap.

It will take 11,000 prayer laps, or 52 million minutes of prayer, to match the amazing prayer commitment of the Moravians.


Each prayer location (state or county) is enriched with guided, informative prayers, statistics, population data, maps, photos, unreached people groups, and scripture to help you pray for a minute or more.

  • Guided prayers - Movement and scripture based prayers for each unique location.
  • Statistics - Faith status, population breakdowns, primary languages and religions, and unreached people groups for each unique location.
  • Maps - Explorable map showing the location boundaries within the country.
  • Photos - Location based photos of the county or state allowing visual prayer walking for the location.


Prayer.Global focuses specifically on those elements of church planting and disciple making movements that have been identified as common to all global Christian movements.

Our guided prayers help you pray with insight over the church and the lost in each location.

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