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The connect. app allows ministries to have their own private, branded app space to help them share content, drive culture, enhance communication and build community, all in a safe space.

Our Asbury connect. app is helping us disciple, testify, and communicate with our campus in a safe environment by creating our own private social media space. It helps us “redeem the scroll” for our students. The content they receive ‘in the scroll’ is edifying and encouraging and delivered to them where, how and when they want it. The app also allows us a centralized, private place to communicate with the masses as well as one-to-one. Asbury connect. is helping streamline communication so we can move away from relying on email as a primary mode of communication and put our communication in a place that resonates with students.

  • Jennifer McChord, Vice President Enrollment & Marketing for Asbury University

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Community unity with connect. by Cam Pak

Ever experience the haze of trying to keep everyone up to date, connected, and equipped with content? Let's visit behind the scenes of an app aimed at solving that.

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