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Study the Bible every day with Yarrow as your guide. Dig deeper into Scripture with an interactive Bible study experience that will help you connect God’s Word to your actual life. With daily study plans, guided prayers, journaling prompts, and more, be rooted in Scripture and grow in Christ.

The Yarrow Bible Study Guide app is a resource designed with you in mind. It was developed by Precept, a 50-year-old international ministry with a proven reputation of providing Bible study resources that help you know God deeply and live differently. This app will guide you as you discover truth in Scripture for yourself alongside a community of truth seekers looking to do the same.

We have studies for wherever you are in your faith journey and however much time you have. Our three types of studies are Daily Growth studies, Planted studies, and Grounded studies.

A new Daily Growth study is released every day and can be accessed for free. And for those subscribed to one of our monthly plans, our library expands monthly, so there are always new studies to dig into!

Daily Growth: Do you love daily devotionals? These 5-minute guided, interactive readings are always fresh and relevant.

Planted Studies: Have you chatted with friends or read the headlines and thought, “What does the Bible have to say about that?” These multi-day studies help you look at what’s going on in the world through the lens of Scripture.

Grounded Studies: These are perfect for you if you’re looking to immerse yourself in foundational biblical concepts. They are multi-week, in-depth studies that invite you to take your time digging into Scripture as you explore central themes throughout the Bible.

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