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Holy Reads

Holy Reads

Holy Reads brings you the best of Christian publishing in a fraction of the time.


ā€¢ Each summary is designed so you can read it in 20 min or less.

ā€¢ Read, listen, or watch! All summaries come in written, audiobook, and video formats.

ā€¢ Get the main ideas of hundreds of bestsellers.

ā€¢ New summaries are added daily.

ā€¢ All our summaries are written in an easy-to-follow, jargon-free style that you can understand and remember.


ā€¢ Listen to the essentials!

ā€¢ All our summaries are read by talented voice actors.

ā€¢ Relax while hearing the crucial ideas you need to succeed in the Christian life.


ā€¢ Watch the big ideas!

ā€¢ All our summaries come in animated video form as well.

ā€¢ Visual learning through our video summaries illuminates complex concepts and helps you remember them later.


ā€¢ Verified accuracy: All our summaries are rigorously fact-checked by Christian scholars with PhDs to ensure accuracy.

ā€¢ Christian approach: Our summaries are written by committed Christians with experience in church ministry.

ā€¢ Biblically sound: Holy Reads stands within the broad stream of the historic Christian faith, especially as it is manifested in evangelicalism.

ā€¢ Trustworthy content: We avoid titles that compromise the gospel or espouse viewpoints contrary to the plain teaching of Scripture.


ā€¢ 20 min summaries in written, audio, and video formats give you the flexibility to learn in the medium of your choice.

ā€¢ Access the summaries with multiple devices on the same account and use them online or offline.

ā€¢ Phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet ā€“ summaries where and when you want them.

ā€¢ Send written summaries to your Kindle to read.

ā€¢ Personalize summaries with notes and highlighting.

ā€¢ Share excerpts from summaries with your friends as images or texts.


ā€¢ Daily devotionals to lift you up.

ā€¢ Curated lists written by experts to provide overviews of important works in each field.

ā€¢ Summaries of must-read articles from top Christian magazines and media outlets.

ā€¢ Curriculum for classes: We provide small groups packets that bundle summaries by topics and supply supplemental discussion materials for home groups or Sunday school classes


The modern Christian life is complex, so we cover every area of Christian thought and practice. Our summaries are arranged into 23 different categories. These include:

ā€¢ Apologetics

ā€¢ Bible Studies

ā€¢ Child Raising & Parenting

ā€¢ Christian Faith

ā€¢ Christian History

ā€¢ Christian Leadership

ā€¢ Christian Living & Personal Growth

ā€¢ Christian Ministry

ā€¢ Church

ā€¢ Discipleship

ā€¢ Evangelism & Mission

ā€¢ Inspiration & Encouragement

ā€¢ Marriage

ā€¢ Men

ā€¢ Personal Finances

ā€¢ Prayer

ā€¢ Relationships

ā€¢ Society & Culture

ā€¢ Spiritual Warfare

ā€¢ Teens

ā€¢ Theology

ā€¢ Women

ā€¢ Worship

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