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Editors Notes

While this is not marketed towards Christians, this tool can help many Christians experience less screen time and temptations.

Screen-free, Hands-free, and App-free.

Introducing Ai Pin: the first multi-modal device that is wearable and easy to use. Whether you're making calls, sending messages, seeking answers, capturing moments, taking notes, or managing your digital world, Ai Pin acts as your assistant and second brain, allowing you to be present and in flow.

Ai Pin gives you a team of Ai digital assistants on call, all of the time. Your Researcher, Interpreter, Photographer, Communicator, and DJ step in to help with questions and everyday tasks, freeing up your hands and your mind. Soon, assistants like a Nutritionist, Shopper, Navigator, and more will join your team, making your work and life feel even easier.

Ai Pin understands you. Just ask it naturally to remember, answer questions, or do something else you want. Ai Pin’s operating system, Cosmos, understands your intention and learns your context: where you are, what you like, and what you’re doing, so it can give you what you want automatically—all without downloading or opening apps.

Ai Pin is designed with your privacy and personal space in mind. Activating only on command, with no wake words, to ensure what’s private stays private. Its Trust Light clearly signals when it’s capturing, in order to foster a trusting environment. Our commitment to privacy ensures your data won’t be used in other training datasets.

By installing or using Humane Ai Pin, you are subject to their Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy. Own this app? Request a change for this page.

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